In women, hair loss can be perceived with a great deal of anxiety because hair is associated with femininity itself. At the first signs, those concerned generally turn to health and beauty products, in vain. Then, hope starts to look towards more natural solutions such as food supplements or often unsatisfactory homemade mixtures.

Fortunately, technological progress today allows us to offer an answer. Hairstetics hair implants are not a promise geared towards the future, but are clearly for the here and now. Forget waiting for the first results of supposedly miraculous solutions. Between the time you enter our clinic and the time you leave, you’ll once again become the best version of yourself; your life will simply start up where it left off the day before. Minimally invasive, the procedure doesn’t last more than an hour and doesn’t require any specific post-treatment instructions. You can immediately return to your normal daily activities, with renewed confidence. That’s why we recommend undergoing a process of regaining global confidence beforehand, in order for you to fully express your potential and personal development as soon as you walk into the clinic.

Make an appointment with your hairdresser

Directly inspired by the hair’s natural anatomy, our synthetic fibre implants immediately blend in with your own hair and your friends and family won’t notice them. An appointment with your physician beforehand will allow you to choose what length, what style (straight, wavy, curly) and what shades best suit you. And if you take advantage of the procedure to add some light to your hair? This is the moment to take back control over your image and to choose the colour that’s best for you. Once the choice is made, make an appointment to see your hairdresser after the procedure. Without any daily restrictions, all that remains will be to benefit from a renewed natural density.

Sort through your wardrob

Regaining physical confidence usually goes with a deeper change that can extend as far as your environment. So, in order to feel truly in harmony with yourself, take advantage of the situation to sort through your wardrobe. Often, when we have a negative image of ourselves, we tend to hide behind clothing with dreary colours. Forget prejudices and give yourself permission to be yourself. Recover the feeling of well-being obtained by all the looks you get when you glow in the latest dress you’ve found. The aim is that your life changes in a global way and gives you confidence, determination, balance and serenity. As simple as this can seem, sorting, throwing out and selecting the clothing that fits your new image will allow you to refocus on yourself and accompany you in this approach to acquiring global confidence.

Plan your future projects

Finally, allow yourself to give meaning back to your existence by planning new projects. Our minds are often full of projects that we only partially accomplish or never even undertake. A new job, a new apartment or a trip, take advantage of this 360° turn to make everything that you never dared to do until now become a reality, or revise your life priorities. Transform your fear of the unknown and change into a driving force, and don’t forget that even the most minimal changes, placed end to end, can become great victories.

With the right state of mind, you’ll be able to recover confidence in yourself in a global and coherent way. Confidence isn’t only a physical change, it’s a state of mind to be applied to every part of your life. Hairstetics wishes you all the best. 

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