Currently Hairstetics focuses on androgenetic alopecia. Scientifically driven, Hairstetics is keen to help other patients suffering other types of alopecia and will explore the safety and efficacy of Hairstetics hair implants through future clinical studies.

You can immediately return to your daily activities. You will be given some simple advice on how to look after your hair implants to fully enjoy the results.

Hairstetics’ procedure is a minimally invasive. The physician will use local anesthesia on the desired area. Once the local anesthesia has been applied any discomfort will be minimized.

Hairstetics hair implantation must be performed by trained physicians using a specific protocol to ensure a safe and effective procedure. Your practitioner may be an aesthetic medicine practitioner, a dermatologist, a surgeon, or any other specialist in this field.

Hairstetics is providing a new solution that solves the issues raised by hair loss immediately.
With its innovative technology, our hair implants mimic the anatomy and dynamic of your own hair and hence provides a natural result combined with a long term effect. Thanks to the design of the procedure, you can quickly come back to your daily activities.

Yes. Hairstetics implants are applied using pre-loaded sterile single-use cartridges. Hair implants are made from nylon and nitinol, two highly biocompatible materials commonly used in medical sutures and heart surgery.

This will be tailored to your specific needs. On average only around 500 to 600 hair implants are needed to create pleasing results for women.

The implantation procedure is a stepwise process. First, a pre-implantation test is performed during which a limited number of hair implants are applied to the scalp. Full implantation will be completed at least 8 weeks afterwards, subject to approval of the performing physician. The hair implantation is performed with cartridges pre-loaded with anatomic-like hair implants. Each hair implant is mechanically connected at its base to a miniature anchor to guarantee an immediate secure fixation to the scalp (2.5 x stronger than natural hair). The procedure itself takes less than 60 minutes during which real-time adjustments are possible to make sure you are happy with the appearance. You will see an immediate result and leave with natural-looking hair implants.